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August 9, 2004
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The Professors Snape by machinitess The Professors Snape by machinitess
Hermione, Potions Mistress, and Severus, Defense Against Dark Arts Master-- one of my looks into the future. The Head and House Mother of Slytherin.

-----------I wrote this and it inspired the picture-----
“I hate Potions!” Weasley growled angrily.

Potter nodded. “A Snape class is always misery from beginning to end.”

“The worse part is those bloody Slytherins. Snape acts like their arses are made of gold!” Weasley fumed as they made their descent into the dungeons.

Potter chuckled and Weasley snickered. The laughter did not last long as they came up on the door to the Potions Lab. Snape was there, ready with a sharp glare for both merry-makers.

“Weasley, Potter.” Snape said quietly, “Frivolity on my doorstep does not inspire me to believe that either of you will take my class seriously. Ten points from Gryffindor.” Snape allowed them to pass and be seated. The Slytherins did not dare titter to each other, the Professor was notorious for not allowing laughter in class at all, but they did smile at the two students rather nastily.

“That greasy hag!” Stella Weasley whispered to Lily Potter. “I hate her. I can’t believe our parents are friends with her. She’s even supposed to have been a Gryffindor.”

Lily just shrugged. She had her mother’s flame red locks while her friend Weasley had been blessed with her mother’s blond tresses.

“Not bloody likely, I tell you. She’s a slimy snake, through and through,” Stella hissed.

If Professor Snape heard Stella, she didn’t indicate it one way or another. She swept into the room with her dark gray robes billowing around her like a dingy shroud. Her hair was brown and kinky, tied back in a severe bun that a few straggly oily curls managed to escape from. Her thin puce lips were drawn in an almost perpetual humorless line across her pallid face. Her mud-colored eyes flashed with warning at her precious Slytherins and they stopped smiling instantly. They always got warnings, Weasely fumed internally, and Snape never deducted points from those damn snakes.

“Now, dear children. I want you to be very certain that I will find the identity of the person or persons who raided my supply cabinet last night.” She glared at Richard Longbottom for emphasis. He sunk down in his chair. Lily and Stella cast frightened glances at each other. “And when I do, I will seek immediate expulsion of the thief or thieves.” She smirked slightly. It was not a nice expression. “However, if the guilty party or parties go to the Headmistress themselves, I might only deduct house points… Though, I warn you not to count on my leniency.” Hermione Snape ceased to smile and swept the room with a chilly glare.

“I bet it was Potter!” crowed one of the Slytherin boys.

The Professor inclined her head a little, “That remains to be seen, Mr. Zabini.” She then frowned sharply at the preening boy, “However, unless you have proof, I would suggest you keep your accusations to yourself.”

She turned, another dramatic sweeping motion worthy of a vulture in flight. “Now, if you all will direct your attention to the board…”

Severus Snape, with age, had not mellowed. Now firmly ensconced in his often-coveted position as the Defense Against Dark Arts instructor, Professor Snape had become even more of a terror to his students. He regaled them with bloody, nasty, uncensored descriptions of exactly what certain spells could do to a mortal body. He frightened them into nightmares using his tales of encounters with certain beasts and his own personal combat experience. No one doubted at all when it was whispered that he knew Avada Kadavra and had used it on more than one occasion. Nor did they doubt that he would use it if the proper situation again arose. He had special clearance from the Ministry, after all.

A severe corpse-pale man shrouded in buttoned down black robes, he cut an imposing figure as he stalked through the rows of student desks. He paused here and there with a sarcastic remark or an outright insult for the band of second year Hufflepuffs who had his class today. They were frantically trying to finish his timed essay on the special defenses required against minions of the Dark Lord.

One particularly slow young man asked for an extra minute and several of those students seated around him chimed in. “You plodding useless dunderheads! I most certainly will not give any of you extra time. You disgusting simpletons act as if servants of the Dark Lord would ask you for a cup of tea and a chat!” Snape responded icily. He stalked back to his podium at the front of the room in an angry snap of black robes.

He was going to have to contact the Department of Mysteries to bring out the memory spheres next session with Hufflepuff second. These foolish children simply did not understand the importance of this class. More than likely they would be petrified after witnessing the spheres, but at least they would be aware of the sheer destructive might of dark magic wielded through a servant of the Dark Lord. Imperio, Crucio, Avada Kadavra. They would see them used ground zero… and when they saw wizards pop like gory soap bubbles before the onslaught of the hoary green brilliance of Avada Kadavra, driven to insanity by the invisible torments of Crucio or controlled beyond even their will for self-preservation with Imperio; perhaps then these blockheads would understand and pay closer attention.

“Time is up! Finish your last thought and be prepared to stand and read your responses before the entire class.” Snape turned back to the frantically scribbling students, his obsidian eyes narrowed behind the black lank curtain of his hair. “Be able to defend your position to the best of your feeble abilities or face a week of detention with Filch.”
---------------------------------------- ---------
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